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About Us

The Maroon Door is a locally owned and operated gastropub located in the heart of downtown Blacksburg, Virginia. The history of this establishment adds to the vibrant character of The Maroon Door. The spacious, newly renovated building has been in co-owner Chris Linden’s family since the 1940s. In 1948, his grandfather, Orville Hamlin, owned and operated a burger joint known as the Sportscenter in this exact location. The Sportscenter closed in the late 1960s, but the building has remained in his family since. Although the front entrance of the restaurant is not in fact maroon, there is a great story behind the name. While renovating the building, beneath 6 walls, a maroon door was discovered. Chris Linden’s mother, Ann Linden, recalls that this old maroon door was once used at the entrance of the billiards room when the Sportscenter was in operation. This led to the name “The Maroon Door.”

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